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Mr. David ObeidDavid Obeid can be described as a "re-vert" to Catholicism. Having been baptised a Catholic as a child, David's migrant parents trusted his catechetical formation to the Catholic school system. Like so many others, the system failed David and he graduated from high schools in almost complete ignorance of the Catholic religion.

Within the space of a few years, David found himself dabbling in Buddhism and mixing in some bad company. A family tragedy and other providential events sent David on a search for the truth about eternal life that led him through "Bible Alone" Christianity, an Eastern Orthodox sect and finally back home to the Catholic Church. David was, like so many others, surprised by the truth and cogent beauty of the Catholic faith.

Now David is passionate about sharing the truth of the divinely instituted Catholic religion so that others can be spared the agony of man-made religion found elsewhere.

David is one of the foundational members of Lumen Verum. He has written articles and tracts explaining and defending the Catholic faith and has delivered many talks. Robert Haddad once nicknamed David "The Loose Cannon" because of his straightforward (but always charitable) apologetics style.

David and his wife Cheryl (a convert from Pentecostalism) are raising their family on their property, named in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in the NSW Southern Highlands.

David holds an MA in pure Mathematics from Sydney University and currently works as a high school mathematics teacher.

David can be contacted at