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Message Board

Lumen Verum provides a message board facility as part of its apostolate to explain and defend the Catholic religion. The message board provided is public - in other words, whatever is posted here can be seen by anyone who visits.

People are free to post questions, objections and replies (provided thay are all done charitably!) to what appears on the boards. Please note, only posts & replies by our Moderators are to be considered as "official" Lumen Verum positions. Lumen Verum moderators will always endeavour to give an answer that is in accordance with the official and authentic teachings of the Catholic Church as contained in Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium.

As much as it is possible, people are asked to restrict themselves to asking one question or stating one objection per post. We are more than happy to answer any question put to us but in the interests of giving time to all of the posters, we must insist on this rule.

Debates are welcome but must be conducted in a dignified manner. The Moderators are the final arbiters on what constitutes dignified debate on these boards. For any other questions of a technical nature, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Contact us Directly

As mentioned earlier, the message board provided is public - in other words, whatever is posted here can be seen by anyone who visits. Therefore, If you have a question of a sensitive or personal nature that you would like one of our staff to comment on, then please either email the moderators on the message board directly using the "Private Message" Link or "PM" link as shown in the following image .

Alternatively, please use the Contact Us link on the left hand side of our website to contact Lumen Verm staff directly.


Thank you & God Bless.

Staff at Lumen Verum Apologetics.